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Thread: Bio Force Ape

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    I hear that.
    <Sothy> its the internet <Sothy> who cares

    Quote Originally Posted by Daltone View Post
    This is a classic gaming site and the most active thread is a load of people wanking off to my little pony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daria View Post
    So I'm out for dinner last night with my husband when he starts telling me about this podcast for video game's he's been listening to. Then he asks me if I've ever head of this "Ape game"? because some forum pulled a hilarious prank.

    It was just really odd having my husband relate to me a thread I witnessed unfold back in 2005, over dinner, what? Seven years later?
    Priceless. I mean, what do you say to that? It's like being witness to a historical event, and the love of your life had no idea YOU WERE THERE! "Why didn't you ever tell me?! WHY?!"

    I'm not even joking. Thread rules.

    The moral is, don't **** with Uncle Tim when he's been drinking!

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    I just noticed that the image of the smashed Bio Force Ape cart was used in the thumbnail of a youtube video by Guru Larry. He didn't talk about the game in the video, he just used the image in the thumbnail.

    Also, has it really been this long since anybody posted in this thread? I really didn't think it was so long ago.

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