Hey gang,

Just can't resist bragging at this time of year about one of my prime videogame accomplishments. Last year at this time, I was furiously trying to beat the World's Record on Atari 2600 Halloween. Breaking the Halloween record **ON** Halloween was kind of a goal of mine. And, as you can see by the date verified (OK, so I was 2 days late) and by the points amassed, I did just that:

Sniderman's WR on Halloween

Sadly, my WR attempt at Texas Chainsaw Massacre keeps coming up as a close second, though I've never submitted my 2nd place score to TG for posting. (I'd love to have the WRs on BOTH Wizard 2600 releases...)

Anyway, just had to brag a bit as 10/31/2005 rolls by. If I had thought of it, I would've gone for an even 3 million this year.