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Thread: City of Heroes "Bootleg edition" ??

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    Default City of Heroes "Bootleg edition" ??

    I went to Best Buy tonight to check out the PC games, since a plethora of A+ titles have been released lately. When I was checking out "City of Villians", next to it, there was a cd that said "City of Heroes: Bootleg Edition". It was also free.

    I continued looking through the store, meaning to go back and grab a disc. Of course, I forgot...

    Has anyone picked this up? What's on it? Just wondering if I happen to have missed something.

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    The City of Heroes Bootleg Edition is a 14 day trial for the game. The idea being you get the freebie, take it home to try out the game, get hooked, return to the store to get the retail version (cause you need a 'full version' code) and BAM! NCSoft has a new subscriber for their game.

    Enjoy it, I had a blast for the 14 days...
    I didnt sign up for the game in the end though.

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