Hey Everyone! I'm thinking of selling everything Atari that I own...but I'd like to know how much you'd offer first. Please no lowball offers, they will be ignored. Give me an honost price, and I'll give you an honost answer. So without further ado, here is what I'm selling.

PS. I'm selling this as a lot.


4 Atari 2600's (I think, the ones everyone sees with the woodgrain finish...)

Most wires (Not all)


1. Kaboom
2. Pole Position
3. Centipede
4. Starmaster
5. Space Invaders
6. Skiing
7. Asteroids
8. Warlords
9. Reactor
10. Haunted House
11. Combat
12. E.T.
13. Laser Blast
14. Combat
15. Frogger
16. Space War
17. Dragonfire
18. Dodge 'em
19. (A No Label Catridge) - ???
20. Defender
21. Fishing Derby
22. River Raid
23. Slot Racers
24. Asteroids
25. Solaris
26. Touchdown Football
27. Karateka
28. Pac-Man
29. E.T
30. Pac-Man
31. Laser Blast
32. Combat
33. Street Racer
34. Journey Escape
35. Raiders of the Lost Ark
36. Pitfall!
37. Hat Trick
38. Slot Racers
39. Demon Attack
40. Solaris
41. Berzerk
42. Super Challenge Football
43. Dragster
44. Ms. Pac-man
45. Warlords
46. E.T.
47. Star Voyager
48. Dig Dug

There ya go. Nearly 50 Atari Games 4 Systems with Most Hook Ups and a few Instruction Booklets to boot! If There is a particular games you really want and REALLY Must have. Tell me, I'll negotiate with you. Feel Free to ask any questions. I hope to make a small bundle of money here, to last me till January, I know I probrably won't make that much but I don't know. Well I'm ready for offers! =)


EDIT: I'm also VERY Interested in Trades. PS2, PS1, GC, Xbox, SNES...and River City Ransom for Nintendo (lol)