Have any of you out there had troubles with internet lag while playing Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike for the XboX online (we use X Link Kai) ? I’ve been playing with a group of friends – 2 live in the city and the other lives 2000 km away. The guy who lives far tends to get a crappy connection to our hosted games. His audio is choppy etc.

The other day we were playing him and my team found that it was impossible to kill him ! We would see him running across the screen in our scopes but when we would shoot at him it would always miss. At one point I let about 6 shoots off at his head and he still ran away. Now we’ve been playing this for some time and our shots are not that bad. This game just stook out because it was so odd how none of us could get him. On one occasion he ran in front of me and instead of moving in a smooth line his motions were jerky. He would be running…disappear for a split second… and then reappear a bit further down in the direction he was running. I was wondering if his lag was causing him to shift like this??? Could this be why it was so hard to hit him ??? Were we shooting at his “ghost image” ???

Just wondering if any of you have had problems like this.