Hearing alot of the opinions on Madden for the 360 before actually playing it, I didn't have my hopes very high. But I can safely say that anybody that thought Madden on the 360 sucks is smoking some very high grade crack.

Sure the game isn't perfect by any means. There are a number of minor issues, but overall, this is truly a Next-Gen Madden all the way. Seeing this game on my Princeton Graphics AF 3.0HD monitor, is an experience like none other. You see, my Princeton Graphics AF 3.0HD monitor is a true 720p display, and seeing Madden on this, brings tears to my eyes.

The level of detail that is going on in the game is absolutely astonishing.

Again, the game does have it's share of issues, but overall, I'm absolutely thrilled to get this good a Madden on EA's first try with Next-Gen systems. I remember back to the launch of the original XBOX, when I had NFL Fever. Back then I really liked NFL Fever, it was a great launch game for the original launch of the first XBOX. Madden for the 360 is at least as good as Fever was for the first XBOX.