As the title says, I am looking for a working XBOX system for my church, and we want to get it as cheap as possile. Yes this topic my look very simular to the one I mad a couple weeks back asking for a PS2 system for my dad, but I promis you I am no scam artist or anything trying to get a bunch of cheap system, swear on my life!

The story goes; We have had one XB and one PS2 for, like, ever in our church's student ministries where I go. A few weeks back, the Xbox was stolen. It was between after almost everyone left one Wednesday night and before people Sunday morning when I was with the very first people to arive at church. I am in charge of the video game room at our student ministries building, and I was imedently very concerned. We can not figure out who stole the system, and we have no leads or any other info besides the fact that they either broke in with no evidence left behind or they had a key or something. Whoever the ID10T is, they took the system only, no controlers or cables.

After about 3 weeks now, we have givin up, and I have been asigned the job of finding the cheapest working XBOX that we can get. I am sorry, but I have been told that I can not give out an approximent offer price, so just send me your best offers and I will discuss them with Greg, our student minister, until we agree on one, actualy I am the deciding vote this time on which on we get, so post your best offers and I will pick one to show to Greg.

Thanks for any help that you guys may offer.


BTW, I will proably give this thread one or two weeks, and then take the best sounding offer(s) to Greg some Wednesday. Please note: NO hook-ups are needed, and we already got 2 working controllers, so we will not pay for more than 2 if any as we do not NEED any more, and if you want to offer games, the chruch really has only 2 games so I am always stuck bringing all of my good and suitable multiplay ones (and 2 of my controllers), and if you want to include any PS2 games or controllers in an offer, we may be interested in those too. So, System Only Needed, but may consider buying CHEAP good multi-player PS2/Xbox games, 2 CHEAP working PS2 controllers, and 2 CHEAP working XB controllers as well.