A couple years ago I bought a Commodore 64/VIC-20 collection from an estate sale, including a bunch of original disks and carts that the owner had kept in reasonably good condition. Since I'm concentrating mostly on console games these days, I thought I'd offer the VIC-20 carts up for sale to anyone who collects them (anyone...? ) Almost all of these games are in the original packaging, complete with instruction manuals, and a few still have warranty cards.

Robotron: 2084 (box is crushed somewhat but fully intact)
Pac-Man (2 copies)
Donkey Kong
Star Trek (includes original joystick overlay)
Demon Attack
Cave In (R7)
Road Race (cart only, dirty with some scratches on label but otherwise intact)
Sea Wolf (R6) (cart only, slightly dirty but label is intact)

If you're interested, PM me with an offer. I'm willing to either sell or trade -- if you want to trade, I'm always looking for NES, Sega Master System and TG-16 games. You can check out my (relatively few) comments in the DP Feedback Forum or my 100% eBay feedback (user id 'damanielh'), or PM me if you have any questions.