Ok..was playing Jet Grind Radio today on the ol' DC. I was on the third Golden Rhino level in chapter 3, a rather challenging level as those of you who've played it may know. I was playing through it yet AGAIN cause I got slaughtered the first two times. Anyway, I'm down to 400 seconds on the timer and there's a knock at the door. Power company is gonna kill the power right then! So far I'm doing the best I've ever done on this level! So I BEG the guy to hold off for 4 minutes while I finish the level and he says...sure 5 minutes isn't a problem. I RUN back to the TV and whip back into the game....and actually beat the level with 40 seconds left on the clock! I skip the cinema cause there's no time, save, and shut down the DC and PC before the power goes out. 1 minute later...all power is gone. I guess the stress of possibly losing my game made me do better!