I acquired approximately 50 or so NES carts in an estate sale. These are the duplicate carts to my already existing library. The carts listed below are common for the most part with the exception of Super Dodge Ball. These are all carts only. Condition is listed next to the cart. I HAVE NOT tested these on an actual NES with the exception of Super Dodge Ball. I prefer to sell these all in one shot instead of cart by cart. PM me with offers.


Super Dodge Ball - VERY small tear near top of cart label. GOOD

The Legend of Zelda(Gold) - Fair condition. Lots of small scratches on front and back.

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum - Price label on front near bottom over residue from older label which was removed. Good condition otherwise.

Double Dribble - Residue near top of label. Also some on back. Good condition otherwise.

Golf - Residue below label and on back. More so than the other carts. Good condition otherwise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Good condition. A little discolored.

Bart Vs. Space Mutants - VERY Good condition. Hardly anything wrong with this one.

Also available is a 1st generation Gameboy Advance (Glacier) with worm light, carrying case, and rechargable battery pack. Make offer.