everything here is in very good to Mint condition(ask for specific item), complete with everything that came up with.
all my items are official, no bootlegs from china, hk or taiwan, nor cdrs, some items are brand new and never used.
heres the list of what I have currently for sale or trade:
(many items sold through ebay or different trades)
Nights into Dreams Official Soundtrack to Sega Saturn game - SOLD.

Mortal Kombat 2 Playstation!! JPN only - extremely rare - rarity 8/10 - complete and mint - $160.

Nintendo 64 DD Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 - Exclusive, released only for DD, 2nd rarest game for the system(after Chibikko Chikko) - $230

Super Mario Compact Disco - Music From Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Yoshi Cookie, Super Mario Kart in a very fun Disco mood - 1992 JPN only - SOLD

Panzer Dragoon Saga - US - $170

Starfox Snes Soundtrack 1992/1993 JPN - $145

Limited Edition N64 BLACK DD Edition - this edition was never released in US, only in JPN - it was bundled with N64 DDs in one package - like new with memory expansion pack already in it(with box, manuals and everything) - $170

Valkyrie Profile Soundtrack 2cds, - first print - SOLD.

Sonic 3/Knuckles Sega Genesis Soundtrack with Arranged Music - 1994, extremely rare soundtrack(JPN only) - SOLD

Sonic the Hedghehog Remix Soundtrack (arranged music from many Sonic Games, JPN only)- SOLD

Gameboy Light - JPN only system, very rare and complete with original packaging, manuals, - in 9/10, like new, played only couple of times - its a gameboy pocket with internal backlight screen, awesome and very rare - $150 or best offer.

Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon Soundtrack(1994) $50
Final Fantasy V Dear Friends Soundtrack(1995) $50
Final Fantasy MIX Soundtrack(1994) - $50

Super Street Fighter 2 Laserdisc - $85
Street Fighter 2 World Warrior Laserdisc - $85

Chrono Cross first print Digicube 3cd Soundtrack set - $80

Playstation RPGs:

games priced at around $20-$40 each:

Valkyrie Profile JPN SOLD
Saga Frontier JPN
Star Ocean the Second Story JPN SOLD
Final Fantasy IX JPN SOLD
Dragon Quest VII JPN SOLD
Xenogears JPN
Tear Ring Saga JPN
Tales of Destiny JPN SOLD
Lunar Eternal Blue JPN SOLD
Tales of Phantasia JPN SOLD
Final Fantasy VII JPN SOLD
Tales of Eternia JPN SOLD
Lunar Silver Star Story JPN
Suikoden II JPN
Legend of Mana JPN
RPG Maker 3 JPN
RPG Maker 4 JPN
Dragon Quest VII Special Quest JPN
A Cheeky Angel JPN
Saga Frontier II JPN
Megaman X4 JPN
Suikoden JPN
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon 2 JPN
SLPS 00550 JPN
Clock Tower 2 JPN
Derby Stallion JPN
Road to Sasuke JPN
SLPS 00335 JPN
Super Robot Wars Alfa Gaiden JPN
Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuko JPN
Vagrant Story JPN

list of Super Famicom Music CDS(with Music from Super Mario Kart, Ghost 'n Goblins, Street Fighter and other games, Japan only released in 1991-1995), each for $45:

Super Famicom Magazine vol.1
Super Famicom Magazine vol.2
Super Famicom Magazine vol.3
Super Famicom Magazine vol.4
Super Famicom Magazine vol.5
Super Famicom Magazine vol.7
Super Famicom Magazine vol.9
Super Famicom Magazine vol.10
Super Famicom Magazine vol.12

Radiant Silvergun Survival Book Guide with 3.5 Floppy Disk JPN (I don't know whats on it) - SOLD

NGC Metal Gear Solid System Limited Edition JPN
with Metal Gear Solid 1 game (NES or if you prefer MSX Edition playable on NGC!!, exclusive) + Twin Snakes, Artbook, special Edition system with Fox Hound Logo on the lid, awesome looking stuff - complete and mint, - $350

Nintendo 64 DD - Disk Drive Collection, N64 DD system with 8 games - F-Zero X DD, 4 Mario Artist Games, Randnet disc, Sim City DD and Kyoshin the Doshin - everything in excellent to like new condition, system has original box and manuals, - $670.

Nintendo 64 Add - on System called Tristar - it plays Super Nintendo/Famicom and old Nintendo Games on your Nintendo 64 !!
never used, in box, complete and in basically mint condition - $265 shipped.

REZ Gamers Guide Soundtrack (first print) - $50
Chrono Trigger & Cross Arrangements Soundtrack - Time & Space - $55
Wario Controller Gamecube Nintendo Club $125
Mario Controller Gamecube Nintendo Club $75
Luigi Controller Gamecube Nintendo Club $75
Mario Nintendo Club 2006 Calendar (Zelda Twilight, Kirby, Mario and many other artworks, big item) - $55

Starfox 64 Soundtrack Greatest Hits - $35 shipped

Sonic Heroes Trinity Soundtrack 2cds - $35

Donkey Kong Country Arranged + OST, limited edition (Japanese Soundtrack from 1995 released by Pony Canyon)m has 7 arranged tracks) - SOLD

Soul Calibur 2 Artbook Soundtrack 2cds - released by Digicube in 2003, beautiful soundtrack in a form of very large book with illustrations - $95

Final Fantasy VII Limited Edition Soundtrack in a laserdisc size box 4cds - 6 times bigger than regular edition!!, contains mini artbook, different artworked cds, 2nd manual, released by Digicube in 1997 for very limited time - shipped, - SOLD.

Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Soundtrack - first edition by PSCN - $35 shipped

Final Fantasy 3 Soundtrack - PSCN - $35 shipped

Final Fantasy 6 Soundtrack (3cds) - PSCN first print - $60 shipped

Final Fantasy IX Limited Edition 4cds Soundtrack in a limited edition packaging with Piano Sheets and everything, released by Digicube in 2000, - $65 shipped

Final Fantasy X Limited Edition by Digicube SSCX 4cds, released in 2002, with LE Blue Sea Slipcase, SOLD

Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack - SOLD.

Super Mario 64 Soundtrack - SOLD.

Banjo Kazooie Soundtrack - $30 shipped

Perfect Dark - Dark Mission Soundtrack - $26 shipped

Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack - $26 shipped

Zelda Majora Mask 2 cd Soundtrack - $30 shipped

Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack - $30 shipped

Dracula X (Castlevania Soundtracks - Rock Arrangements by Konami Kukeiha Club) - SOLD.

Xenogears Artbook Limited Edition Soundtrack(DVD size case), SOLD

Pokemon Stadium/Snap N64 Soundtrack - $30 shipped

Ridge Racer 64 Soundtrack - $30 shipped

Shadow of Colossus Collection DVD Nico(with footage from games, behind the scenes and so on, Japan only release) - SOLD.

Rez Poster (2001.11.22) - $65

Shadow of Colossus 2006 Calendar - $80

Capcom 1993 Calendar(Street Fighter, MegaMan and others) with Sheet of Capcom Stickers - $65

Banjo Tooie Sealed Brand New - $95

Super Mario Kart Brand New Sealed (Player Choice) - $95

Xbox lot($60 shipped) :
Halo 2 Xbox Limited Edition
Halo (non Player Choice)
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Splinter Cell

collection of my JPN PSX Games(all complete, various conditions, all works perfectly) best offer:
Thunder Force V
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Dokodemo Isshyo
Ace Combat 3
Ridge Racer R4
Biohazard Limited Edition Directors Cut
Fire Emblem:Tear Ring Saga - SOLD
R-Type Delta - SOLD.
Bust A Move
Street Fighter Alpha 3

Black PSX Development system - Net Yaroze Japanese - make offers.

more items coming up.
feel free to make suggestions(pm or posting here).
my email is:


best wishes!!