Putting it here for a few days before it goes up on ebay.
All games are mint, if spine is included, I will note. I'm taking offers at the moment since I don't want to sit here thinking about what to charge as I rush to post this before I head off to work in a bit. I am not looking to make money, rather I am looking to get back what I paid for most of these things (which I bought over the summer). So normal ebay prices is what I'm looking for. I can give discounts if you buy a few big item games together.

Radiant Silvergun
Princess Crown (original release with spine)
Guardian Heroes
Idol Jansi Suchie-Pai Remix (with spnie and art book thing)
Sengoku Blade (deluxe version with spine and 2 discs)
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (box+4mb ram cart)
Game Paradise (deluxe pink box with VHS)
Derby Stallion (with spine)
Vampire Hunter Darkstalkers Revenge (manual a little worn)
Street Fighter Zero (with spine)
Roommate W (crack in front of game case)
Virtua Fighter 2
Victory Goal 96 (this game has minor scratches but works fine)

I also want to get rid of my mint condition boxed blue Derby Skeleton Saturn. I only used it a few times, the guy I got it from (from these forums) only used it a few times, and the person he got it from kept it in mint condition. Has all the paperwork/stickers, controller and everything, it smells brand new. I put a new battery in it as well, and can throw in a pair of s-video cables I bought for it.


That's the post of where I bought it, I have another Saturn I played on so this one just sat in the box It's in the exact same condition+the new battery I put in.

With your offer include shipping please.

I have feedback here and feedback on ebay, id is the_game_monger.

Forgot that I also have a mint condition marvel vs capcom 2 for xbox for sale. Best offer by friday takes it.