Hi- no luck on the 'bay, posting it here (verbatim). I'm asking $12.

Thinning my collection & decided to pass on these 6 games I just dont have time to play. All are loose w/ no manuals & in fair to good shape except where noted. Cleaned/tested/play great- all for a bargain price!!!

-Mario Andretti Racing

-Comix Zone

-Alien Storm (torn UPC sticker on front label artwork)


-Zombies Ate My Neighbors (UPC sticker on front label artwork)

-SportsTalk Baseball

S/H: USPS Priority Mail (TBD- will be at least $5). Cashier chk/money order accepted. US orders/funds only please. Also accepting:

EGM mags #135-136 &/or before #116
Game Informer mags #88, 92, &/or before #86
OPM mags before #48 (demo discs not req.)