[2006-01-16: Everything is sold]

Hi, I am offering you N64 stuff (Boxes, Tray, Sleeve, etc.), most in very good condition (the box aren't all perfect but still good condition), SNES Stuff (Posters), Genesis Stuff (Manuals, ok condition, not perfect).

I would prefer to sell them to 1 buyer. However I can understand that I would have to split the Nintendo Stuff (N64 + SNES) from the Sega stuff (Genesis). I don't want to split it way more than this.

I will also pack everything good and charge you real shipping price. I am located in Canada and have sold last year 300-400 SNES box to a DP member and he was satisfied (in fact he was interested in this lot too, however I did not have time to get back and now it is time for those items to leave the house).

Send me your reasonable offer and it is yours.
Feel free to ask me any question, but I hope the pictures can speak for me ;-)


I present the list of stuff then a picture. Everything has a picture. So check it out! ;-)

If you just want to check the pictures right away, here is the links:

- N64 Boxes
- N64 Misc Stuff
- N64 Tray
- N64 Game Plastic Sleeves
- N64 Posters
- SNES Posters / Cards
- Genesis Manuals


- 38 N64 Boxes
--- Automobili Lamborghini
--- Blast Corps
--- Chameleon Twist
--- ClayFighter 63 1/3
--- ClayFighter 63 1/3
--- Cruis'n USA
--- Doom 64
--- Doom 64
--- F1 Pole Position 64
--- F1 World Grand Prix
--- Forsaken 64
--- Hexen
--- Killer Instinct Gold
--- Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Original)
--- Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Players choice)
--- Mario Kart 64
--- Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
--- MRC: Multi-Racing-Championship
--- Mystical Ninja starring Goemon
--- NASCAR 99
--- NHL '99
--- NHL Breakaway '98
--- Olympic Hockey Nagano '98
--- Pilotwings 64
--- Quake
--- San Francisco Rush
--- Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
--- StarFox 64 (Bigger Box)
--- Super Smash Bros.
--- Supercross 2000
--- Tetrisphere
--- Top Gear Rally
--- Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
--- Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
--- Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding
--- Wave Race 64
--- WCW/nWo Revenge
--- Yoshi's Story

Picture Link: N64 Boxes

- N64 misc stuff
--- 20 Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet
--- 15 Mario Player Guide Offer Inside Pamphlet
--- 1 Mario Kart Player Guide Offer Inside Pamplet
--- 1 Yoshi Free Player's guide offer inside
--- 1 Turok 2 Special Notes sheet
--- 11 misc registration/warranty/etc. card (wcw/nwo, mystical ninja, f1, turok 2, etc.)

Picture Link: N64 Misc Stuff

- 19 N64 Carboard Box Tray
- 1 N64 Carboard Box Tray of different size (probably for starfox 64)

Picture Link: N64 Tray

- 13 N64 Games Plastic Sleeve (+ 1 Sleeve to hold a Clay Fighter Card without card)

Picture Link: N64 Game Plastic Sleeves

- 3 N64 Posters
--- EA Sports "It's in the game" poster
--- Quake
--- Akklaim Southpark/Kenny (other side: Shadowman) [quite cool one!]

Picture Link: N64 Posters



- SNES Poster: Legend of Zelda (Nintendo Power) / Super Scope
- SNES Poster: Konami titles
- SNES Konami card "turn this card into away cool super nes game"
- Lethal Enforcer card (might be a genesis device if I am not wrong?)

Picture Link: SNES Posters / Cards



- Might and Magic Manual (big manual)
- Starflight Manual (big manual) + Starflight Starmap (poster)
- Valis Manual
- Traysia Manual

Picture Link: Genesis Manuals