Hey guys, I have a complete Aero Fighters for the SNES
that I will trade or sell.

For trades I am looking for GOOD boxed Snes Games like
Lufia, Lufia 2, Dracula X, Paladin's Quest, Tecmo Secret of the Stars, Contra III, and other games like this.

Or I will sell it.

It has the book which has some wear but no tears or anything, box which has some light corner wear and some indents on the front of the box(looks like someone wrote on a piece of paper on top of the box)
And Cart front label is great, back label has small sticker tear when I removed video game store label. You could probably remove back plate and put a new one on, I don't have the tool myself or I would do it. Or if you want, I can buy a tool and do it myself?

So make offers in trade or $$$

I know there must be a few collectors who need this to complete or come close to completing their SNES collections