awile ago a friend said he'd sell/trade/give me his xbox

he gave me the system and I bought a few games and played them a bit.

he changed his mind when a OMG KEWL NEW GAME came out.

I put several hours into dead or alive 2:ultimate and a couple star wars games (kotr and the two battlefront games)

I feel stupid..

but anyways, is there a way I can transfer my save files onto a memory card or a new system without modding either?

I'd like to save all that work unlocking stuff..but I know very very little about the system itself, and I don't really want to buy a memory card and find out you can't transfer those particular save files
also outlaw golf and syberia I had save files on ..but they aren't terribly far so its not a big deal if i lose those ones.

thanks for any help.