I've looked in the archives/knowledge base here and did a Google search but can't find a definitive answer. I apologize in advance for missing any possible archived post that covered this (I did look!).

I pulled out my Panasonic FZ-1 3DO after months of storage. It still powers up and displays the logo, etc. However, the cd's no longer spin (drive issue?) so I can not load up any games. The tray door still opens and shuts, but it seems very flimsy (is it offtrack?).

A friend of mine actually repairs Sony and Microsoft consoles for a store, but has never worked on a 3DO since he got into system repair in 2001/2002. However, I managed to coax him into cracking open my machine.

I told him that now he will be able to add 3DO repair to his resume/services. I reminded him to remember the little people when his business triples because of it.

Getting serious again, I am wondering if there is any recommendation to get this baby up and running again, so I can start playing some games. Or do I have to buy a new machine? Money is not an object, I won't have to pay for it (good to know someone who fixes consoles)

Point being, is there any hope of getting such a problem taken care of?