I tried, I honestly tried to get into these systems but I can't at all. They were just a bit before my time.

However, I am keeping my Atari Jaguar.

That said, here is what I'm selling.

Atari 5200 Lot:

4 port model
All hookups (power and special adapter)
Controller (Currently disassembled, had some problems and I couldn't fix them.)
3 games: Super Breakout, Missile Command and Galaxian

$35 + ship for the package.

Atari 2600 lot:

Atari 2600 Darth Vader 4 switch
All hookups (power and adapter for the rf straight to the TV)
2 Controllers (one with a loose rubber top, both work but could use a bit of readjustment though)

Adventure (sears) x2
Checkers (sears)
Target Fun (sears)
Night Driver (sears)
Backgammon (sears)
Video Chess (sears)
Maze Mania (sears)
3-D Tic Tac Toe (sears)
Baseball (sears)
Warlords (sears)
Race (sears)
Poker Plus (sears)
Arcade Pinball (sears)
Pac-Man (sears)
Outer Space (sears)

Video Pinball (atari)
Breakout (atari)
Video Olympics (atari)
Human Cannonball (atari)
Surround (atari)
Asteroids (atari)
Air Sea Battle (atari)
Outlaw (atari)
Video Chess (atari)
Casino (atari)
Superman (atari) x2
Ms. Pac-Man (atari) x2
Pac-Man (atari) x2
E.T. (atari) x2
Raiders of the Lost Ark (atari)
Space War (atari)
Swordquest FireWorld (atari)
Football (atari)
Nightdriver (atari)
Missle Command (atari) x2
Defender (atari)
Championship Soccer (atari)
Vanguard (atari)
Sky Diver (atari)
Combat (atari)
Space Invaders (atari)
Street Racer (atari)
Bowling (atari)
Circus Atari (atari)
Canyon Bomber (atari) x2

Barnstorming (Activision) x2
River Raid (Activision)
Plaque Attack (Activision)
Grand Prix (Activision) x2
Kaboom (Activision)
Pitfall (Activision) x2
Freeway (Activision) x2
Keystone Kapers (Activision)
Laser Blast (Activision)
Skiing (Activision)
Boxing (Activision)
Stampede (Activision)
Fishing Derby (Activision)

Super Cobra (Parker Bros)
Frogger (Parker Bros)
Star Wars: TESB (Parker Bros)
Amidar (Parker Bros) x2
Q-Bert (Parker Bros)
Spider Man (Parker Bros)

Cosmic Ark (Imagic) x2
Atlantis (Imagic)

Blue Print (CBS)
Omega Race (CBS)
Mountain King (CBS)

Mouse Trap (Coleco) x2
Venture (Coleco) x2
Donkey Kong Jr. (Coleco)
Donkey Kong (Coleco) x2
Smurf Resuce in Gargamel's Castle (Coleco)
Zaxxon (Coleco)

M.A.S.H. (Fox)

Lock and Chase
Frogs and Flies
Armor Ambush

That's 96 games. If you want the whole package, I'm looking for $200 + ship. Many of those games are worth more than $2 so it's a pretty good deal.

I will split up the package, but not until I get prices up tommorrow.

PM me.