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Thread: What G4 Shows Do You Recommend?

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    Default What G4 Shows Do You Recommend?

    So what videogame TV shows on G4 do you guys like? I just got this channel a few days ago so I've not had time to check everything out yet. So far, the ones I like...

    Starcade--Yes, it's corny as heck but I do like seeing those old arcade games again...and besides, I remember watching this show when it first aired! Yes, I'm that much of a geek!

    Judgment Day--This is a slight reworking of The Electric Playground from Discovery Science (which I notice is now simply called The Science Channel). You have the two main hosts returning and everything seems to be a review...I like that.

    Filter--This is a show where they do top tens such as The Top Ten Video Game Villains and such. This could be interesting depending on the lists.

    Icons--Here they look at the movers and shakers of the gaming industry. I know they did one on Nolan Bushnell and I recently caught part of one about a guy (his name escapes me) who brought Activision back from the brink of extinction.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I like that Icons show. They leave out some details, but it's still really interesting if you don't know much about who or what they're talking about. I had never played Everquest before (I know, shame on me), and that one Icons show was the first time I ever saw what it was all about.

    Stay far away from that Cinematech or whatever it's called, that's absolutely retarded IMO. Who the hell wants to sit there and watch fmv's from games?? And they play that show all the time!

    This channel isn't really impressing me. Starcade is way before time, and that's the only thing people are talking about. They need to get shows like Video Power and that old Super Mario cartoon, then i'd start watching all the time.


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    Arena is pretty good, if only to hear Wil Wheaton get over his head in the commentary :wink:

    OVerall, though, I think that they rely on Cinematech WAY too much. I suspect that the channel will improve with time. I think that it's only because of how new that it is that it seems so overdone.

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