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Thread: Reading An XBOX Hard Drive in Windows

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    Default Reading An XBOX Hard Drive in Windows

    Ok.... here's my situation.

    I have a modded XBOX w/ a 200gig HD. Recently, my modchip died. However, I have a bunch of data on the drive I need (was using it as extra storage for Photos and such).

    How can I access this data on my PC?

    Here's what I understand:

    I'm 99% sure my hd is unlocked as I don't remember my firend and I relocking it after (dont udnertsand why people bother anyways)

    I know there's a bunch of programs like the new Xplorer 360 and older apps that can read the FATX file system on the hard drive (which Windows can't). However, do I need to do a hotswap method to use another program to dump the contents of the whole drive? Then mopen that image in one of the management programs?
    It's a 200g hd nearly full, so theres no possibly way I can dump that much.

    The drive is detected in both device manager as well as my BIOS settings.

    Any clarification on anything or suggestions is apprecitaed.

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    You shouldn't need to hot swap if it's unlocked. The only reason you'd ever do a hot swap is to make sure it's unlocked.

    I'd just plug it in and try using Fatx Explorer or some of the other tools.

    If you more assistencve ask on the Xbox-Scene forums.

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    Programs like FatX Explorer function by opening an image file. Thats my problem... where do I get this image file from?
    Since windows by defualt does recognize the drive, its not as simple as just browsing to the drive letter.

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    You'd probably want to use a linux boot disc called "xboxhdm".

    You won't need to hotswap if the drive is unlocked.

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