Long story short, I'm a huge RE fan, but I'm a little perplexed by the GCN port of RE2...

Whats up with "Arrange" mode? I mean, the regular mode has Easy (which is too bloody easy) and Normal (which is a little bit of a challenge) and then there is the "Arrange" mode which has only one difficulty, Rookie, which just seems so unnessecery because it's the same the Easy difficulty in terms of number of enemies and enemy health, has a few pieces of ammo here and there in different places, and starts you out with all infinite weapons unlocked (which makes me wonder why they changed some ammo placement if they give you infinite ammo weapons anyway!!!). Try as I might to unlock a harder difficulty class I can't, and the best Grade I can get is a B which I assume is because it's starts you out with the Infinite Ammo SubMachine Gun equipped, and if you equip an infinite ammo gun it lowers whatever Grade you earned in the game by one letter.

Has anyone ever unlocked anything in "Arrange" mode?

Alex Kidd