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Thread: "Arrange Mode" in Resident Evil 2 for GCN?

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    Default "Arrange Mode" in Resident Evil 2 for GCN?

    Long story short, I'm a huge RE fan, but just a little perplexed by the inclusion of "Arrange Mode" in the GameCube port.
    What is up with it? I mean, the main game has Easy (which is too bloody easy) and Normal (which poses a little challenge) and then there is the "Arrange Mode" which has a "Rookie" difficulty which is the same as the Easy difficulty (in terms of number of enemies and amount of health they have) with a few pieces of ammo in very slightly different spots or rather in the same spot just more visible in some cases and starts you out with all the unlockable infinite ammo weapons already unlocked.

    If i'm not mistaken the Dreamcast port's "Arrange Mode" has more difficulties you can unlock including one called Nightmare which I'd love to try because this game definitely needs a higher difficulty level. But try as I might I can't unlock any other difficulty at all in the GC "Arrange Mode", and the best Rank I can earn is a B Grade which I assume is because it begins your game with the infinite ammo SubMachine Gun equipped and equipping any inifnite ammo weapon lowers your Rank by one letter, making it appear that earning an A rank is impossible in this mode.

    Has anyone unlocked anything at all in GameCube's RE2 Arrange Mode? If so please help me out here, as I can't find any 'helpful' info about the "Arrange Mode" in any FAQ online, and the way the manual describes it, is obscure and inaccurate I think.

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    Well, I guess most gamers dont realize that Arrange mode is the hardest mode in RE2. Dont be fooled by infinite ammo guns and all that stuff as you cant use it if you wanna get A rank. And what to do with infinite submachine gun in the beginning you might ask? My answer would be: DO NOT USE IT. Yes I mean you have to get to the Police Precinct by dodging zombies and getting bit. Did you notice that in the item box right along with infinite ammo superguns you have sorry little pistol with 128 bullets and a knife? Why do you need those when you have, say, Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo? Well, I think that gun, knife and that exact amount of bullets is all you have to use to beat the Arrange mode for Rank A.
    BTW, I did beat RE 2 ONLY with that gun and those bullets in less than 2 hours with 2 saves. And still got B Rank...

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