I built this for a customer, but I got stiffed... and now I'm stuck with it!

If you were to buy all these parts, it would easily be $700+!!

Asking $499 + shipping ($25 set price)

System is a fresh build, new and used combined parts.

New - Foxconn black with silver front mid tower case
New - 300w power supply
New - MSI motherboard with onboard sound, video, LAN, SATA, AGP 8x, etc
Used - Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Hyper-threading CPU w/copper core Intel fan/heatsink
New - (2) Kingston PC-3200 400MHz 512mb DDR memory (128mb set for onboard video at the moment)
Used - PCI 56k modem
Used - black faced DVD-RW (DVD burner)
Used - black faced 1.44mb floppy
New - 160gb hard drive

System has a LEGAL ACTIVATED copy of Windows XP Home (CD and licence included). System has all updates installed.

Motherboard has 3 year MFG warranty
Hard drive has either 1 or 3 year warranty, drive was never used but was bought last year.
Power supply has 3 year warranty.
RAM has a lifetime warranty.

Buy with confidence! I am an A+ certified PC technitian!