$40 GAMECUBE FOR SALE Platinum w Digital out COMES WITH FAN MOD!

Send me offers! Selling this gamecube cheap! have a Digital out platinum Gamecube system with box and all the papers that came with it, including AV cable and power adapter. The open lid button has to be held for a second, or rather you have to just make sure to press all the way down and the lid opens (pretty sure its this would easily be adjausted if you got a gamebit, which I don't) Otherwise it works excellent. Accepting offers, paypal only please. Shipping is $10 by USPS with tracking number.

I'll include one of these Gamecube cooling fans opened but unused new in box:


2. I'm Selling my tototek SNES 64MB Flash card $40

Original cost of card only is $55 which is what is for sale here. Its in perfect working order except the outside leg that covers the top of the battery popped off and needs to be replaced, thats it simple solder job. It plays and loads fines as it is but the in game save features on games that have it wont stay after a power off unless a new metal battery cover is propery soldered on. Only reason I'm selling is because I already sold my SNES.

Note though I don't have the programmer up for sale, but you can use a game action replay I heard. I reccomend this card for someone who already has a programmer or you can buy the USB programmer from tototek for around $10 I believe. I hope this answers your questions and if you are interested in saving $15 bucks on the flash card itself you can get mine for $40 and then get the programmer from tototek. Thanks