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Thread: DP Members: Beware of the "Scam-and-Burn"

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    Didn't see a more appropriate place, but I got hosed as a seller with someone taking advantage of an USPS scanning screwup on a $20 ebay sale.

    ebay username of1974

    Appears to be a crook from what I can dig up through the USPS beyond ebay. I shipped a $20.50 shipped item east to Maryland, the USPS stopped scanning it (I've had this happen plenty receiving before) and the guy opens a case immediately on that the day after he writes me. I call the USPS when the case gets escalated, they look into it and verify that they don't have it, and that it slipped the cracks and was moved on to destination but the postal worker did not scan it further than Baltimore. The guy then escalates the case a second time and clean me out of my money and game. Damn the USPS for not scanning it further or updating it after my call but they moved it, so now he's got cash and a dreamcast title.

    Thieves piss me off.

    Posted this at a few places including here so it's known.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob black View Post
    what would you guys do.... Bought something from a user for $275, long story short its going to be 3 weeks and I haven't received nothing, multiple PM's, eBay messages, Emails sent to user and I only got one reply in 3 weeks

    "Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I've been gone all week. (spring break) I screwed up with the mailing of your package and thats why you haven't gotten it yet. I had scheduled for ups to pick up your package while I was gone which I had left in my garage, but before I left I had closed the garage door without thinking so they werent able to pick it up. I didn't realize I had screwed up until yesterday when I got home."

    I'm a pretty patient person but 3 weeks and 1 PM is pretty ridiculous.

    Did the package arrive? I believe that 5 years is a fair amount of time.
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