My carelessness is your gain if anybody is interested. I was at Blockbuster 2 weeks ago, saw it on the half price table and snagged it without thinking. Today, I finally got around to opening it up and trying it out... to find that I had an older, incompatible PS2.

The package is pretty much dead as I had to tear the damn thing open to get it out. I LOATHE these packages. But otherwise, it's brand new. Be warned that you need the built-in infrared receiver and I'm pretty sure it's incompatible with the slim PS2s also. There is a list here of incompatible system #s (which I missed until just now) so if you're interested and wondering, PM me.

I'm looking for 10 dollars shipped, preferably within the US, preferably Paypal, but I'm always willing to listen. Thanks.