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I voted a big old fat NO (minority opinion it seems.) I'm thinking it was a store display box maybe? There's a good chance that there's no game in there and then you've messed up the wrap. At least wait awhile and see if the code shows up on the net somewhere... it's been theorized that Nokia is moving to a download-only model (like Snakes) and it might show up as a complete game for download. Perhaps the game is available under another name as a game running on the Symbian 60 platform?

GREAT find!!!

I almost forgot that Nokia was moving onward and doing the 'online download' thing for future games. That kind of sucks, IMHO, but if it saves them money and we still get our games, more power to them.

As for this particular piece, I really wish that more information could be obtained about it. "Space Impact" is feeling more like a phantom title than anything else.

I'm still pondering the questions; Is it a shooter? Is it a racing game? Is it even a game? IS THERE ANYTHING IN THIS BOX?

Thanks for the compliment as well. I do quite like the fact that I have something that is seemingly rare, so I try not to remind myself of what I traded for it.