I bought this game from a guy who bought it from someone else. I traded dearly for it, but I'm really hell bent on completing my N-Gage collection, so I traded a rare game for it. (What game? I'm still too embarassed about it, but maybe I'll tell ya'll once my blushing goes away.)

Okay, pics!

Anyway, the game is sealed, just as it was in the picture I was emailed (bad pic too), but from what it looks like, this item might actually be a pre-release version or even a mock-up/prototype of the game, as the inner package artwork not only looks unfinished, but there are no screenshots of the game on the back, no game description and no text about the game on the back cover.

The seal on the side where the case opens is a plain white looking seal with no text and a hologram strip on it. Instead of the hologram strip saying "Nokia", like official release games do, this one says "Topan".

Even the UPC symbol doesn't seem to be valid. It has red letters which read "FPO" on it, through the bar code, with the numbers being 0 47875 80381 7. Not to mention, the spine side of the cover doesn't have an 'item/part number', instead, it reads "Cxxxxxx".

According to the other information on the back, this particular title was produced sometime in 2003.

There is also an additional set of text, which is in another language. From what it looks like (although I'm definitely not an expert), it's probably in Latin, but may also be French.

The first line says: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectataur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incidudunt ut labore et dolore....."

There's more, but I don't feel like typing it up.

I'd open it up, but I don't want to possibly 'ruin' a sealed piece of 'gold', if you know what I mean.

I also think I might have found some further info on this game.

According to the game production company that made "Space Impact", there are several versions of the game, all with their own little 'sub' titles such as "Space Impact: Evolution" and "Space Impact X".

The interesting title is one called "Space Impact: Evolution", which is a privately funded prototype game that is NOT a vertical scrolling SHMUP. It's a 3D type of racing game like Crasho Nitro Kart, etc.

Here's the URL: http://www.kuju.com/games_wireless_release.htm

It's a little more than halfway down the website page and there's a screenshot of it.

Perhaps the game I have is actually the racing game? I'm torn. I want to open the game I have, but at the same time, I want to keep it sealed. :/

One other thing, there seems to be something inside of the game case (you can hear that there are contents of some kind when shaking it), but there's also a remote possibility that the case 'could' be empty, with no game, especially since there is almost no information whatsoever regarding the release info for this game, or even it's existence.

Any ideas?