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Man that name is awful. The main problem I have with it is that no one is going to know how to pronounce it. There will be so many parents who come into shops and totally butcher the name. I don't like the 360 or PS3 names but at least they are easy for everyone to remember and there aren't more than one way to pronounce it. I think it could hurt Nintendo a bit in the end, it won't hurt them much but considering the market right now you don't want to give anyone an advantage.
As compared to the parents who come into Gamestop these days and ask for "one of them Xbox games", or "one of them Playstation games", and have no idea whether it's a PSone, PStwo, Xbox, or Xbox 360 game? And then they get mad at me because I can't visualize what's in their house, nor read the mind of their child that isn't even at the store with them.

Yeah, ok.

If anything, the confusion will be minimal, because we'll actually know what in the world the customers want, unlike now.