I cleaned out my back room earlier today in preparation for my move. Anyhow, I ended up with well over 100 2600 carts and about half as many 7800 carts. Also 25+ INTV games. The 7800 may be spoken for, but the guy hasnt gotten back...so... There is nothing too "rare" here, but there ARE nice little gems like Oink, TAZ, Robot Tank, Apollo games, etc.etc.etc. I'm not lookin to get RICH here,lol, and in fact would much rather swap for things I DO want. (Lynx...anything Lynx....systems, games, accessories, etc...) I also turned up a dozen or so each of GameGear and Virtual Boy games. Oh, and a few NES carts and boxes.
If interested, PM me.....these guys HAVE to go...they are too damned bulky and heavy to hassle with in the move, and are NOT part of my collections.