What the title says... I'm looking for a Clayfighter 63 1/3 Sculptor's Cut manual. Just the manual, nothing else, as I already have box, cart, and inserts, thanks to DDCecil . Looking for excellent to near-mint condition; best price or trade prevails. Post or PM your offers. My trade list is as follows (prices listed):

For Sale/Trade:

Atari 2600: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Combat <50c>
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (no label) <$1.50>
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns <$8>

Coleco Vision: (all are cart-only, various label conditions, ask for specifics)

Cosmic Avenger <$1>
Donkey Kong <$1>
Carnival <$2>
Looping <$2> (2 on hand)
Donkey Kong Jr. <$3> (2 on hand)
Ladybug <$3>
Pepper II <$3>
Space Fury <$3>
Zaxxon <$3> (2 on hand)

Intellvision: (all cart-only)

ABPA Backgammon <$1>
Donkey Kong <$1>

NES: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (peeling label) <25c> <Add this for only 1c when you purchase 2 other games!>
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (3 available) <50c>
Anticipation (bad cosmetic condition) <$1> <Add this for only 1c when you purchase 2 other games!>
Bases Loaded (blue Jaleco logo variant) <$1>
Duck Hunt (w/instruction sheet) <$1.50>
Snake, Rattle & Roll <$1.50>
Top Gun <$1.50>
Duck Hunt (w/manual) <$2>
Batman (w/manual; manual is missing front cover) <$2.50>
Astyanax <$3>
Gyromite (not the one with the Famicom adapter) <$3>
Infiltrator <$3>
Dr. Mario <$4>
Dragon Warrior (2 available) <$4>
The Hunt for Red October <$4>
Super Mario Bros. 3 <$4>
Lunar Pool (complete; ex-rental) <$5>
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles <$5>
Tetris 2 (poor label) <$7>
Dragon Warrior (w/box and styro) <$8>
Gyromite (w/Famicom adapter) <$10>
Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) <$15>
Final Fantasy (w/box, world map, manual, and styro) <$28>

Hard plastic cases sized to fit NES games: w/out Nintendo logo: <10c + shipping each> (7-10 available)...w/Nintendo logo: <25c + shipping each> (3-5 available)

SNES:(games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge <$2>
Batman Returns <$3>
The Chessmaster <$3>
World Heroes 2 (minor label damage) <$4>
Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Edition <$4>
Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures <$6>
Ms. Pac-Man <$8> (2 available)
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest <$9> (HOLD)
Arkanoid: Doh It Again <$10>
Utopia <$12>
Chrono Trigger (w/"New Game +" mode unlocked) <$32>
Super Mario RPG (cart + manual; both show significant wear) <$36>

Super Game Boy <$4.50 each/3 for $12> (9 available...where else on Earth can you buy 9 Super Game Boys?)

SFC: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Itadaki Street 2 <$2>
Pachislo Monogatari <$2>
Thoroughbred Breeder <$2>
Umitsuri Meijin <$2>
(some unknown Mahjong title) <$2>
Masters New <$2>
Winning Post 2 <$2>
Battle Robot Retsuden <$3>
Dokapon 3-2-1 <$3>
Kessen! Dokapon Okukoku IV: Densetsu no Yuucha Tachi <$3>
Tae Kwon Do <$3>
Genghis Khan II <$5>
Sword World SFC <$6>
NBA Jam Tournament Edition <$6>
Pachislotting Hissyouhou (SHVC-PI) <$7>
Oni <$8>
Super Robot Wars EX <$8>
Chrono Trigger <$10>
Dragon Slayer <$10>
Energy Breaker (w/manual) <$10>
Super Robot Wars 3 <$10>
Super Robot Wars 4 <$10>
Kiwame II <$11>
Dragon Quest V <$12> (HOLD)
Dragon Quest VI (2 available) <$13> (1 on HOLD)
Final Fantasy VI <$13> (HOLD)
Tenchi Souzou (released as Terranigma in PAL regions) <$13>
Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons <$13>
Super Mario RPG <$14>

Super Famicom system (w/cords, 2 controllers) (yellowed) <$30 + shipping>

PAL SNES: (Note: This will not display properly on a non-PAL-compatible TV.)

PAL SNES system (Scandinavian version) (w/original Swedish RF switch and 220 V AC adapter) <$35 + shipping>

N64: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Quest 64 <$9>
Gauntlet Legends <$10>

N64 system (w/cords, 1 controller) <$16 + shipping>

Gamecube: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (missing manual) <$8>
Animal Crossing (Player's Choice; no memory card) <$15>
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (missing manual and case insert; case has registration number sticker inside) <$18>
Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition <$28>

Japanese Gamecube:

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker <$12>

GB Color: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Game & Watch Gallery 2 <$6>
Game & Watch Gallery 3 <$6>
Harvest Moon 3 <$24>

PS1: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Driver (original) (disc-only) <$2>
Legend of Dragoon (Disc 4 only) <$2>
Sheep (ex-rental, though it looks as it were never rented) <$4>
Final Fantasy Tactics (greatest-hits) (bad condition manual, disc has many minor scratches) <$5>
Twisted Metal 2 (greatest-hits) <$6>
Legend of Dragoon (original) (missing manual; very cracked case) <$7>
Legend of Dragoon (original) <$8>
Final Fantasy Tactics (original) (missing manual; printed back insert and front cover of manual; disc has many minor scratches) <$9>
Final Fantasy IX (original) (missing both manuals) <$11>
Final Fantasy Anthology (original) (minus music disc, FF6 in bad shape) <$11>
Legend of Mana (missing manual) <$18>
Final Fantasy VII (original) (ex-rental, missing manual, clear Hollywood Video disc stickers covering the label sides of the discs) <$20>
Team Buddies (disc-only) <$20>
Nectaris: Military Madness (ex-rental, broken case) <$22>
Marvel vs. Capcom (ex-rental, resurfaced disc) <$25>
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure <$28> (HOLD)
Dragon Warrior VII (very nice condition) <$32>
Arc the Lad Collection box set (this one's got all of it; a bit of a ding on one corner of the outer box and a cracked case, otherwise very nice condition) <$50> (2 available) (1 on HOLD)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (complete box set; plastic strip holding the map in place inside the omake box is loose) <$65>

Some extras available pertaining to Lunar 2, as well...please inquire for details.

Japanese PS1:

Final Fantasy 7 (Disc 1 only; heavily scratched, but plays on my Japanese PSone) <$1>
Dragon Ball Final Bout (the Best; missing manual + spine, cracked case) <$4>

PS2: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Xenosaga (original) <$7>
Final Fantasy XI Online (discs, case + quick start guide) <$13>
Firefighter FD 18 (no manual) <$29>
The Guy Game <$30>

Japanese PS2:

Final Fantasy X (complete w/bonus DVD) <$15>

Japanese PS2 system (w/cords, 1 MadCatz wireless controller) <$90 + shipping>


WWE Wrestlemania 21 (complete) <$10>

Sega Genesis: (games cartridge-only unless otherwise noted)

Sonic & Knuckles (missing top flip piece) <$1.50> (pending payment)
Boogerman <$2>
Mortal Kombat 2 (complete) <$5>
Landstalker <$8>

Genesis 2 system (w/cords, 1 controller) <$13 + shipping>

Hard plastic cases sized to fit Genesis and also maybe N64 carts: <10c + shipping each>< (I think I have about 10 available)

Sega CD: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Formula One: Beyond the Limit (large crack in case) <$2>

Sega Saturn: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

NHL '97 (broken case hinge) <$1>
Sega Touring Car Championship (damaged case) <$2>
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (damaged case) <$6>

Dreamcast: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Jet Grind Radio <$3>
Railroad Tycoon II (ex-rental) <$5>
Shenmue <$5>
Tomb Raider Chronicles <$6>

CD-i: (games complete unless otherwise noted)

Mad Dog McCree (missing outer box) (2 available) <$2>
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia (factory-sealed) (cracked case) <$3>
The Crayon Factory <$3>
Caesars World of Boxing (factory-sealed) (cracked seal) <$4>
International Tennis Open (factory-sealed) <$4>
The Joker's Wild Jr. (factory-sealed) (cracked seal) <$4>
Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp (factory-sealed) <$8>

Strategy Guides:


Donkey Kong 64 (N64) (Prima) (collector's edition) (not the best of shape) <$1.50>
Street Racing Syndicate (GC/PS2/Xbox) (BradyGames) <$1.50>
Crusaders of Might and Magic (PS1) (Prima) <$2.50>
Top Secret Passwords (NES/SNES/GB) (Nintendo) <$3>
Syphon Filter (PS1) (Prima) <$3>
Syphon Filter 2 (PS1) (Prima) <$3>
Resident Evil 3 (PS1) (Prima) <$4>
Resident Evil: Survivor (PS1) (Prima) <$5>
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (PS2) (BradyGames; regular version) <$6>
Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) (BradyGames) <$7>
The Art of Tekken (artbook) (Namco) <$7>
Parasite Eve II (PS1) (BradyGames) <$8>
Alundra (PS1) (Prima) <$9> (HOLD)
Tomb Raider Chronicles (PS1/DC) <$9>
Final Fantasy IX (PS1) (BradyGames) (regular cover) <$14>
Final Fantasy III Official Nintendo Player's Guide (heavily worn, but still all there) <$18>
Legend of Dragoon (PS1) (Prima) (original version) <$18>
Resident Evil 2 & 3 (GC) (Prima) <$28>

New: ($2.50 each/5 for $10, or as marked)

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (GBA) (Prima)
Yu-Gi-Oh: Destiny Board Traveler (GBA) (Prima)
Nanobreaker (PS2) (BradyGames)
Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament (PS2) (Prima)
Project: Snowblind (PS2/Xbox/PC) (BradyGames) (2 of these)
Conflict: Vietnam (PS2/Xbox/PC) (Prima) (2 of these)
Dead or Alive Ultimate (Xbox) (Prima) (some minor (gum?) damage)
Armies of Exigo (PC) (Prima) (2 of these)
Call of Duty: United Offensive (PC) (BradyGames) (2 of these)
Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich (PC) (BradyGames) (2 of these)
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus (PC) (Prima) (3 of these)
Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (PC) (Prima) (2 of these)
Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles (PC) (Prima) (2 of these)
PS2/Xbox/PC Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2004 (Future Games) (2 of these) <$2>
Cheats Volume 6 (Future Games)
The Ultimate Xbox Strategy Guide (GameFAQs/Future Games)
The Sims 2 (PC) (Prima) (has a very small piece cut out of the front cover and a bent corner)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (GC/PS2/Xbox/PC) (BradyGames) (poster slightly torn, but not separated) <$3>
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC) (Nintendo) (3 of these from the same retail pack) <$7 each>
Romancing SaGa (PS2) (BradyGames) (2 of these) <$7.50 each>
Wild Arms: Alter Code F (PS2) (Prima) <$9>
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC) (Nintendo) (factory-sealed retail 6-pack) <$45 + shipping>