All right, it's time to get serious. All these games are US versions.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT doing trades on these and I need payment ASAP.

Item #1)
Albert Odyssey excellent shape, the case is a little rough, but the booklet and game are flawless.

Item #2)
Guardian Heroes disc has a small scratch, plays fine though. Booklet is also in great shape.

Item #3)
Panzer Dragoon Saga PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY One of the black disc holders is missing. The booklet shows some wear. There are a few small pen and pencil markings in it. Disc 1 has some scratches but plays fine. Disc 3 has a few very light scratches. The other two discs are flawless. It plays fine and really you won't be embarassed to have this in your collection, I just want the buyer to be fully aware this is not a mint copy.