O, those knowledgeable in the ways of the Dreamcast, Sailorneorune beseeches you...

(ok, enough of that.)

I need to know anything and everything about these fairly decent DC controllers.

I posted about the Doc's Wireless Dreamcast controllers in the May finds thread, but I've got a couple more sets coming in and I wish to sell or trade them.

The problem is that there's almost no information on them, and all I have to go on is one INSANE ebay auction:

Insane Controller Auction Link Here

Pictures of my set are here:

I'd like to know a) has anyone heard of these? b) would anyone be interested in these? I don't need another 4 controllers. and c) how much should I ask, or should I just let the ebay goons fight over them?

Any information other than " they r ugly shaped like the PS3 boomerang " will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. to the moderators: if this is in the wrong forum, move or vaporize at will. Thanks.