So I placed this up on AtariAge and wanted to share it here in this forum.
Here is a list of what I found at my local flee market. payed $25.00 for all 12:

Snow White 2-9-83 (in handwriting)
Donald Duck 4-12 (in handwriting)
Xevious Cartridge 09-12-83 (in typewriting)
Sorcerer's Apprentice 3-28 (in handwriting)
Sorcerer 1-28-83 (in handwriting)
Pigs in Space 07-29-83 (in typewriting)
Tennis EPROM Cartridge (in typewriting) 020-01 (in handwriting)
Oscar Race EPROM Cartridge (in typewriting) 12-3-82 (in handwriting)
Battlezone Cartridge 144 (in typewriting)
Moon Patrol 207 (in handwriting)
TAZZ 6-15 (in handwriting)
Pole Position 142 (in handwriting)

Talk to ya'll later.