Hi !
Felt on the path to the complete us sms set today
Already got some shiet:
Aerial assault
Alex kidd in shinobi world Blue label
Blade eagle 3d
Castle of illusion
F-16 fighting falcon
James buster douglas knockout boxing
Michael jackson's moonwalker
My hero
Super monaco gp
Teddy boy

Willing to buy anything not in this list !
To go fast and save on port, I'll start by getting all those "ultra common / present in each ebay lot / bored to have 20 copy of it" games. If you do collect master system, you should have a nice lot of those
I won't buy rare or priced games here until I need only a couple of them to get the complete set. Part of my collecting pleasure is to find rare games for nothing on ebay (buster douglas = 5 euros, super monaco gp = 2 euros and so on )