It's the "I spent HOW much at MWGC??" sale!

Item 1: Sega CDX, 2 controllers, stereo a/v cable (!)
Will include a few Genesis/CD games as well.

Item 2: Nomad w/ power supply.
Again, a few Genesis games included

Item 3: Turbo Express, good condition, 1 hot pixel

Item 4: TG16 games, all but 1 include case/manual
Bonk's Adventure
Bonk's Revenge
Fantasy Zone
Final Lap Twin
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf
JJ And Jeff
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
Legendary Axe 2
Sidearms (HuCard only)
Victory Run

Buy the Express & games, take $10 off

Item 5:
Anything from my trade list

To curb the enevitable flood of PMs with "will you sell game X individually", the answer is "yes, but make an offer".

Tradewise, I'm looking for a Minidisc player with optical output & at least ATRAC 4.

Shipping: Free up to $8!