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Thread: Selling Extra systems/games/accessories(all together)

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    Default Selling Extra systems/games/accessories(all together)

    Im selling the following ALL TOGETHER

    1)Nintendo GameCube System(Indigo- Like new)- comes w/3controllers (2 purple, 1 orange), 2 memory cards (59), Games: PSO EP1 &2, Starfox Adventures, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Haunted Mansion, Rogue Squadron II ( I also have the Limited Edition Zelda : Ocarina of Time disk).( All games complete)

    2) Nintendo 64 System (Decent condiition. just have to tap the games 1 or 2 times to work): 2 controllers , 1 black, 1 grey. 1 memory unit, 1 rumble pack, Games: Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium 1 &2, Pokemon Snapshot.(All games cartridge only)

    3)Sony Playstation (original longer version, working fine): 3 controllers all analog, 2 blue and 1 grey. 2 memory cards and a few demo's, Games: Bushido Blade 1 & 2, FF7, Driver, Brave Fencer Musashi, Street Sk8ter, Legand of Dragoon (all games complete)

    3) Sega Genesis Version 2, Sega 32x, Sega CD (all in fine condition except the music on sega cd doesnt work but the sound effects are fine). 4 controllers 2 regular, 1 turbo pad, 1 6 button controller, Games : Genesis: Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition(complete), Vectorman (front case insert is missing but still have instructions intact), Alladdin(complete), Mortal Kombat (missing instructions), Sonic 2 ( missing instructions), Samurai Showdown (complete), Golden Axe II (missing instructions), Madden 94 ( case is missing the front and back art and no instructions) Robinsons Court(basketball, missing Instructions), 32x: Star Wars (complete), SegaCD: Curse of monkey island(complete), Sonic CD(complete), Eternal Champions(complete), also includes a demo disc.

    Well id like to get at least a minimum of $150 for all this, everything is in good condition, its just all extra stuff i have no use for, if more than one person wants it i will sell it to the highest offer, thanks alot, please PM me if you want this lot! If you have any questions just ask! oh yes and shipping and handleing will prolly run abour 40 dollars due to all the stuff right now high bid is $160 so you guys know

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    I have sent you a PM.

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