I'm Selling a bunch of things that I discovered in my basement from when I was younger that I put down there to clean up my room. These were either in boxes off the ground or in plastic bags and are not damaged from water or anything of that nature unless noted below. If damaged it would be from wear and tear of it being old and my young hands.

Looking to Buy List
Samba De Amigo Maracas Controller with Mat and Maracas I dont need a box. PM me if you have it and a price you are willing to sell it for.
Paper Mario Instruction Booklet...again :/

Game Boy
Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition (Yellow Version) Box, Manual & Inserts Only
Pokemon Silver/Gold Offical Nintendo Guide
Pokemon Red/Blue Prima's Strategy Guide
Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue Nintendo Power Guide W/ all 151 Pokemon Stickers Inside
Pokemon Trading Card Game Offical Nintendo Power Guide

Offical VMU Box & Instruction Manual Only
Madcatz VMU Box Only
(Even If anyone is looking for these)

Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64 Pocket Power Guide Volume 3 (Game Secrets/Codes)
N64 Consumer Information & Precautions Booklet Insert (5 of these)
N64 Pamphlet that explains everything that can go with a N64, Shows all of the colors an N64 comes in and a selection of games that are out for the N64
N64 Expansion Pak Instruction Booklet
N64 Voice Recognition Unit Instruction Booklet
N64 GameShark Pro Instruction Manual
N64 Player's Guide Offer Insert with Mario on the front(4 of these)
Donkey Kong 64 Stickers Missing 3 stickers out of 8
N64 Banjo Kazooie Player's Guide Offer Insert
Donkey Kong 64 Prima's Strategy Guide
Offical Nintendo Power Goldeneye 007 Guide
Pokemon Stadium BradyGames Guide with Special Edition Cover
Super Mario 64 BradyGames Strategy Guide Slight Water Damage in Corner
Banjo-Kazooie Prima's Strategy Guide
Super Smash Bros. Stradegy Guide

This is the pamphlet

Nintendo Powers
Nintendo Power Advance Premiere Issue Strategy's for Super Mario Advance, F-Zero MV, Rayman Advance, THPS 2, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. + More Goodies Volume 1
June 2000 Volume 133 Has Army Men Air Combat on the Cover
July 2000 Volume 134 Has Kirby 64 onthe Cover
December Volume 55 Has Jafar from Aladdin on the Cover

Halo Combat Evolved Prima's Guide
Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut Instruction Booklet

Playstation 2
Final Fantasy X BradyGames Guide
Grand Theft Auto Vice City BradyGames Guide W/ Poster

Other Magizines
Offical U.S. Playstation Magizine Feb. 2001 Issue Rip in Left Corner Bend on Right Corner
Game Players 32X Issue December 1994 Volume 7 No. 12
Game Boy Nintendo Player's Guide Offical Guide to over 130 Game Boy games by the pros of Nintendo Left Corner has Water Damage Pages are stuck together Pull apart at own Risk

Random Boxes
Dreamcast GameShark Box & Inserts v 3.3
Playstation GameShark Lite Box & Inserts v 2.41
Game Boy GameShark Box & Inserts v 2.1

More Items to Come so Watch Out!
Also Pictures of all these Items will be put up soon!

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