Hi there, I've got loads of things for sale that might pique some interest around here. I take paypal of course, but money orders and the lot are pretty cool too. Here we go!

Boxed Bally Astrocade. No instructions, box average, but all in styrofoam. Several games with this, including Galactic Invasion, Red Baron, Football, Biorythym. Looking to get $100 or so for this, but will also entertain offers.

Atari Heavy Sixer, with gray power supply, and original joysticks, one with a hex disk on it! $130.00.

Boxed, sealed Starplex controller $30

Swordquest complete set, including Waterworld--cart only $75

Atari Video Cube--cart only $20

Boxed Nintendo Action set--the Nintendo unit is average, and needs a new 72 pin connector, as it blinks from time to time. But the box is great, and all the documentation is there, so you can upgrade your box if you like. Gray zapper gun too. $30

Odyssey 2 game, Boxed, appears to be complete Wall St. Fortune Hunt $20

Submarine Commander and instructions $15

Dare Diver and instructions $10

Colecovision River Raid $5

Colecovision Frogger II, Zaxxon, Wing War $20

Columbia Home Arcade--no controllers or power supply, but in excellent condition, and works great $50

Coleco Gemini, boxed, with styrofoam inserts, power supply, 2 controllers, y-connectors, and instructions $65

Prices are negotiable if need be. Shipping is extra, but always reasonable.