Okay, there's a story behind this, which may assist in my quest to acquire this shirt. As many of you remember, Nintendo Power used to come with a catalog of various Nintendo goods in the 90s, and when DKC2 was relatively new (circa 1995), they had a whole bunch of different items for sale, and I bought the majority of what they were offering (I was a crazy DKC fan back then). This t-shirt was one of the items, and even though the combination of colors is rather ugly and it's huge on me (it wasn't exactly designed for a woman in mind, I'm sure), I've loved this shirt and worn it all these years as a night shirt (and also a bumming around the house shirt which my friends playfully tease me about even though they have grown to love the shirt too). Over the last year or so, it started to really show some signs of wear, but I didn't let that deter me from wearing it. Unfortunately, it recently met its demise. There was a hole about the size of a quarter that formed at the shoulder of one of the sleeves, and I guess it must've caught on something because when it came out of the wash, the sleeve was split right open. Sure, I could attempt to mend it, but I'd rather find a nice, mint replacement. So here are the photos of what the shirt looks like:

I have no clue if this was ever sold outside of the catalog, so if anyone has any info about it that I'm not aware of, I'd be happy to hear it. And if anyone actually owns the shirt and is willing to part with it, I'd be eternally grateful. :)