I originally posted this in the Emu forum for someone, but it turns out he is not interested. So, I am posting it here...first come first serve.
Here's what you get:

2 Purple see through N64 Controllers in mint cond
2 Adaptoid N64 to USB adaptors
(more info at www.wishtech.com )
1 Nintendo Made Rumble pack

I purchased the adaptoids for $25 a piece, and the controllers I believe for $15 a piece, but I'll get rid of it all (including a rumble pack which works in any DX game that uses force feedback) for $50 shipped. Everything is in new condition. The best thing about these adaptors is that you just plug them into the USB ports and you don't even have to install a driver! WIndows just finds them as a HID compliant game device. There is of course a disk that comes with the adaptoid to install to set up advanced configurations and actually view a memory card (plugged into one of the N64 joysticks) as a folder on the HD. PM me if interested.

I just realized that the adaptoid company went out of business, no more are being made!