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Thread: Wanted: Atari 2600 Games

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    Default Wanted: Atari 2600 Games

    I am interested in buying any of the following games if anyone has them. Also, please note, I do realize that some of these games are very expensive and I am prepared to pay accordingly.

    Bank Heist 20th Century Fox
    Crypts of Chaos 20th Century Fox
    Earth Dies Screaming 20th Century Fox
    Revenge of the Beefsteak To 20th Century Fox
    Spacemaster X-7 20th Century Fox
    Title Match Pro Wrestling Absolute
    Atlantis Activision
    Beamrider Activision
    Checkers Activision
    Cosmic Commuter Activision
    Crackpots Activision
    Demon Attack Activision
    Double Dragon Activision
    Dragster Activision
    Frostbite Activision
    Moonsweeper Activision
    Private Eye Activision
    River Raid 2 Activision
    Malagai Answer
    Final Approach Apollo
    Guardian Apollo
    Wabbit Apollo
    Atari Video Cube Atari
    Big Birds Egg Catch Atari
    Dark Chambers Atari
    Defender II Atari
    Double Dunk Atari
    Fun with Numbers Atari
    Galaxian Atari
    Gravitar Atari
    Hunt & Score Atari
    Mouse Trap Atari
    Obelix Atari
    Off the Wall Atari
    Oscar's Trash Race Atari
    Pele's Championship Soccer Atari
    Pengo Atari
    Quadrun Atari
    Radar Lock Atari
    Road Runner Atari
    Rubik's Cube Atari
    Secret Quest Atari
    Sentinel Atari
    Slot Machine Atari
    Slot Racers Atari
    Snoopy and the Red Baron Atari
    Stargate Atari
    Super Baseball Atari
    Swordquest: Waterworld Atari
    Xenophobe Atari
    Death Trap Avalon Hill
    London Blitz Avalon Hill
    Out of Control Avalon Hill
    Shuttle Orbiter Avalon Hill
    Wall Ball Avalon Hill
    Mountain King CBS Games
    Tunnel Runner CBS Games
    Berenstein Bears Coleco
    Smurfs Save the Day Coleco
    Zaxxon Coleco
    Cakewalk CommaVid
    Mines of Minos CommaVid
    Room of Doom CommaVid
    Bugs Data Age
    Video Jogger Exus
    Video Reflex Exus
    Boing! Firststar
    Cruise Missile Froggo
    Karate Froggo
    Sea Hawk Froggo
    Sea Hunt Froggo
    Spiderdroid Froggo
    Task Force Froggo
    Quick Step Imagic
    Subterranea Imagic
    Pooyan Konami
    Strategy X Konami
    Air Raiders M Network
    Kool Aid Man M Network
    Masters of the Universe M Network
    Star Strike M Network
    Tron Deadly Discs M Network
    Spitfire Attack Milton Bradley
    Bachelor Party Mystique
    Beat em & Eat em Mystique
    Custers Revenge Mystique
    Dice Puzzle Panda
    Exocet Panda
    Harbor Escape Panda
    Scuba Diver Panda
    Sea Hawk Panda
    Space Canyon Panda
    Stuntman Panda
    Tank Brigade Panda
    James Bond 007 Parker Bros
    Montezuma's Revenge Parker Bros
    Mr. Do!'s Castle Parker Bros
    Sky Skipper Parker Bros
    Bachelor Party/Gigalo Playaround
    Beat em & Eat em/Lady Playaround
    Buning Desire/Bachelorette Playaround
    Jungle Fever/Knight on Town Playaround
    Philly Plasher/ Cathouse Playaround
    Arcade Golf Sears
    Asteroids Sears
    Backgammon Sears
    Baseball Sears
    Blackjack Sears
    Brain Games Sears
    Breakaway IV Sears
    Cannon Man Sears
    Canyon Bomber Sears
    Capture Sears
    Chase Sears
    Chess Sears
    Circus Sears
    Codebreaker Sears
    Dare Diver Sears
    Defender Sears
    Demons to Diamonds Sears
    Dodger Cars Sears
    Golf Sears
    Haunted House Sears
    Math Sears
    Math Grand Prix Sears
    Maze Sears
    Maze Mania Sears
    Memory Match Sears
    Night Driver Sears
    Othello Sears
    Outer Space Sears
    Pac-Man Sears
    Poker Plus Sears
    Speedway 2 Sears
    Star Raiders Sears
    Super Breakout Sears
    Superman Sears
    Warlords Sears
    Spy Hunter Sega
    Star Trek Sega
    Thunderground Sega
    Up N Down Sega
    Glib Selchow & Rightr
    Music Machine Sparrow
    Bumper Bash Spectravideo
    Chase the Chuckwagon Spectravideo
    Cross Force Spectravideo
    Master Builder Spectravideo
    Tapeworm Spectravideo
    Quest for Quintana Roo Sunrise
    Bogey Blaster Telegames
    Bump N Jump Telegames
    Glacier Patrol Telegames
    International Soccer Telegames
    Kung Fu Superkicks Telegames
    Quest for Quintana Roo Telegames
    Super Challenge Baseball Telegames
    Super Challenge Football Telegames
    Universal Chaos Telegames
    Demolition Herby Telesys
    Ram it Telesys
    Stargunner Telesys
    Espial Tigervision
    Marauder Tigervision
    Miner 2049er Vol 2 Tigervision
    Polaris Tigervision
    River Patrol Tigervision
    Springer Tigervision
    Condor Attack Ultravision
    Karate Ultravision
    X-Man Universal Gamex
    Entombed US Games
    Piece O Cake US Games
    Raft Rider US Games
    Rescue Terra I VentureVision
    Halloween Wizard
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wizard
    Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor Xonox
    Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox
    Chuck Norris/Ghost Manor Xonox
    Chuck Norris/Spikes Peak Xonox
    Ghost Manor Xonox
    Motocross / Tomarc Xonox
    Motocross Racer Xonox
    Robin Hood Xonox
    Sir Lancelot Xonox
    Spikes Peak Xonox
    Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox
    Cosmic Corridor Zimag
    Tanks but no Tanks Zimag

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    neschamp, Wow. Did you cut and paste the entire DP guide here? Well, I think I can help ya with the Sears titles and some of the obscure Parker Bros. stuff. I'll get a list together tonight as well as what I'd ask for 'em. (And I'm a reasonable trader, so the price'll be right.) I'll PM you the list tonight.

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    Check your PM. Thanks,

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    There ya go.
    Shameless pimp.

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    I have alot of those for sale, most are not on the for sale
    list but you can email me from my web site:

    You will have to email me since i see no email address
    of yours listed

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