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Welcome one and all, to the official Digital Press SSBB thread. Talk about anything you want pertaining to this game and it's developement here. To start off, I'll share some of my thoughts;

-To me, this new installment seems to be more suited for lesser characters and more details, contrary to one website's beleif that the game will have 40 characters. I predict that this game may actually have FEWER character's than SSBM, but instead will focus on more character variants (Samus' new zero-suit look and the rumor of "Celda" is my proof of this) due to it's semingly more mature feeling.

-Regardless of website titlings, I still think that ANYTHING, even "Dojo", is a better subtitle than "Brawl".

-according to a rumor wich has since been debunked, Ridley, Bowser Jr. and "Celda" (Link from Loz: Wind Waker) would be playable characters in this game.
*I think that Ridley would be the most likely candidate if Nintendo did decide to put one of these guys in. However, I think that the Super Metroid version of him should be the one playable, if not all variations (I think there's just the jet black one from Metroid Prime and violet/purple Ridley from the original Metroid)for multiplayer mode, teambattle, etc.
*Bowser Jr. also seems like a likely candidate since he (1) has been used in alot of nintendo's recent games, and (2) has somewhat of a dark tone to him (see bloody teeth drawn-on bandana). still think he should get a makeover like the other character's have had, though.
*Now, the WW version of Link would have been great for Super Smash Bros. Melee, but unless he too gets a little less child-oreinted, I highly doubt that he will be a part of the mix.

-In the movie, character's are seen grabbing floating icons resembling the SSB series logo and thereby supposedly performing newer, more powerful moves (Link's 'Triforce-slash', Mario's kick-@$$ super fireball, Kirby's cooking thingy, etc.). to tell you the truth, I was VERY dissapointed at this concept. SSB is about NOT taking a ridicoulous amount of time to preform a flashy move, and it's not about interupting a fight with a stupid cutscene (i.e. Kirby's Cooking thing). Instead, I think that these orbs should just slighty increase the power of certain attacks (mario's fireball, for example) in an rpg-like manor, build-up strength by collecting more orbs, and then gradually fade-off until the player get's another orb/orbs.

-Mario's legs don't have enough "meat" on them. Nintendo should fix Mario's design so that he does'nt look like a pipe-cleaner, but at the same time is'nt resorting bach to the classical 'fat' look.

-Wario should definately keep his WarioWare garbs, but should also have his origional clothing as well. height and weight adjustments should be made compared to the other Mario brothers.

-Link's outfit got SERIOUSLY toned-down. really, man; cant you just put-in a little more green without making yourself look like the jolly green giant?

-Solid Snake SHOULD use guns like the SOCOM and Stinger, but just not in a way that seems too violent (for example: Fox Mc Cloud used his laser gun as a standard move and did'nt spill any blood of his opponent's. Snake should have it so that the fire from his pistol is a yellow streak, just like Fox's pinkish-sreak. also, the Rocket Launcher could just be used like Ness' PK Thunder; guided until it hit's something with a boom and nothing else).

-Pit really, REALLY needs a total re-do. He looks too much like a generic anime boy, he's not that serious-looking, and that whole "OMFG-I-GOT-A-BOW-THAT-CAN-SPLIT-INTO-TWO-SWORDS-!" thing is just gay. get with the times, man.

-Wario's fart move is... okay, but needs a little... improvisation...

Well, I'm spent. how about you?
thanks for all comments, news, etc.,