Hey guys, just thought I'd show everyone my game room. I took some pics of it...


MK1 cabinet converted to MK2. Plus an Xbox demo display unit. Cool, huh?

Flash Gordon pinball! One of my favorites. Also pictured, an Apple II.

Part of my collection of games.. pictured is NES and Intellivision.

More of my collection of games... pictured is SNES, N64, Master System, and Genesis.

Pictured is my C64, Panasonic Exec. Partner, and my Panasonic Business Partner. (one portable IBM clone, and one desktop IBM clone.)

Picture is my DOOM PC (patent pending)... turn it on, it boots to the DOOM selection screen. Also pictured is my Apple II GS. (awesome computer)

Pictured is my TRS-80 Model II, and my Franklin 2000 computer. Both have horrible arcade ports on them, but are fun to program your own text adventures on. (TRS-80 especially)

Pictured is the HD-TV with my 360 displayed, and my aux. tv with Sonic CD on. (one of my favorite games)

Pictured is my retro gaming corner. (Not picture is the awesome AK Rocker chairs) (Most) of my systems are there. Intellivision, Atari 2600, NES, Master System, Genesis, SNES, N64, PSone, Dreamcast, and PS2. (Yes, I said PS2)

That's about the long and short of it. Not pictured are my loose carts, and my recent generation collection, which is pretty big. What do you guys think?[/list]