hey guys
trying to sell some stuff off to pay for schooling!!
take a gander

Genesis Model 1 console w/ all hookups
Crue ball (loose)
Battle Squadron (loose)
Sonic 1 (loose)

Sega CD (all games w/ manuals / jewel CD cases)

Heart of the Alien (complete)
Brutal Paws of Fury
Ground Zero Texas (2 Discs)
the Terminator
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Android Assault
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Dracula Unleashed (2 Discs)
Sewer Shark (x2 - no manual)
Rise of the Dragon
Sherlock Holmes: consulting detective / sega classics 4 in 1
AH-3 Thunderstrike
the Lawnmower Man
Demolition Man
Jurassic Park
Sonic CD
3 Ninjas Kickback
the Secret of Monkey Island (no manual)
the Animals! (no manual)
Wolf Child (no manual)
Sol-feace (no manual)
Mickey Mania (no manual)
Model 1 sega CD (not working - fuse problem?)

Turbo Grafx 16 (all games w/ manuals - not original cases)
Sports TV Basketball
Alien Crush
Power Golf
Legendary Axe
King of Casino (no manual)
Silent Debuggers (no manual)
Vigilante (no manual)
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (no manual)
Super Volleyball (manual only)
Bonk's Revenge (manual only)
Veigues Tactical Gladiator (manual only)

Turbo Grafx CD (all games w/ manuals)

Prince of Persia
Lords of Thunder (no manual)
Buster Bros. (no manual)
Addams Family
Shape Shifter
Shadow of the Beast
Gate of Thunder (manual only)
Cyber-core (manual only)

***Pioneer Laser Active***
Pioneer LaserActive system w/ remote & manuals (email for pics!)
Sega Genesis / Sega CD module / add-on

LaserDiscs (all complete)
star wars: a new hope
empire strikes back
return of the jedi
forrest gump
the Specialist
Top Gun
Pinnochio (disc only)
top ten 50's hits vol. 2
top ten 60's hits vol. 3
top ten 70's hits vol. 1
top ten 80's hits vol. 2, 5
top ten 90's hits vol. 2
top ten standards hits vol. 1
Pioneer Karaoke Collection Special Edition (2 discs)

Nights (not for resale version - complete)


Ridge Racer V complete
Capcom Classics Collection vol.1 complete

Tekken 2 complete
Chrono Cross complete

sega smash pack volume 1 (complete)
shenmue (complete)

PC (all complete)
Neverwinter Nights
Hitman Codename 47
Still Life
the Longest Journey
Runaway - a road adventure

San Francisco Rush - extreme racing (loose)