Hi, I decided I want to work on my SMS collection, considering I only have thirteen complete games, so I am starting with all the R1 games that I don't have. I will buy them for the price listed in the DP collectors guide 7, assuming they come with a case, manual, and of course cartridge, all in atleast good condition. I will pay via paypal, you name the shipping prices. I don't have much money to spend right now, so I will post here whenever I am buying/not buying. Here are the games I am looking for:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Black Belt
Blade Eagle 3D
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Great Baseball
Great Basketball
Great Ice Hockey
Hang on/Asto Warrior
Hang on/Safari Hunt
Kung Fu Kid
Lord of the Sword
Marksman Shooting/Trap Shooting
Missile Defense 3D
My Hero
The Ninja
Out Run
Pro Wrestling
Rambo 3
Reggie Jackson Baseball
Shooting Gallery
Sports Pad Football
Spy vs. Spy
Super Tennis
Teddy Boy
Zaxxon 3D