Yes, I know it's hard to find, and so I'm wondering if anyone here has one, or knows where there is one availible....

You could originally obtain it by preordering PW:AA, and also you could've bought the Special Edition of the game that was only availible in Japan. Well, the game has been out for nearly a year so you can't preorder it anymore(duh), and the special edition is sold out EVERYWHERE, except for one on ebay which is going for $140. Thats 2x the retail and I already have the game anyways, all I want is that stylus! The stylus is black, and it has a pointing hand at the end, with part of a blue suit with it

If ANYONE here has it, please let me know. It would be AWESOME if somebody had it here.

Or, if you know of another place I could obtain this stylus, please PM me with details.

Thank you to anybody who can help me out in anyway with finding this! I will honestly, greatly appreciate it!