This will be a thread I will have awhile as me and Rick Weis went in on a decent sized game lot and have alot of stuff. I am offering it to DP members first.

The first things up are two Data Age Demo carts for the 2600. I am asking for no less than $125.00 a piece for them. They are quite rare and would be a great center piece in any collection. These carts were found with my third demo cart Secret Agent. The carts are

Frankenstein's Monster(unique oversized pic of artwork)

Bermuda Triangle(with unique white label on front with number #134 on it. It also has "for demostrateion purposes only" on it. PM me if you are interested, I will try to check my pms daily. Shipping for these will be included with delivery conf and insurance.

Next up is a load of N64 titles. These are cart only, but in good shape. I am going to post some of the better ones first, then I will post the rest. Shipping for each cart will be 3.00 with each additional cart costing an extra dollar. The carts are in pretty good shape otherwise noted. Here are the carts:

Wave 1

Harvest Moon 64-$25
Starcraft 64-25.00(blockbuster sticker on back)-$25
Space Invaders-$10
Cruisin World-$10
Pilotwings 64-$10
Hybrid Heaven-$7
Duke Nukem Zero Hour-$7
Command and Conquer-$7
Quake(I have 3)-$5 a piece
Hexen(I have 2)$5 a piece
F-zero X-$5
Quake II(I have 2 of these)-$5 a piece.