To make it simple, I want someone preferably in NY, around the 5 boros unless you'll drive to NY.

And more specifically I want to trade for a Japanese Navy Blue Nintendo DS Lite, or any of the other 3 Japanese DS Lites, because my Navy Blue DS Lite broke, and I'm really upset about it, even cried like a little girl on the train, and I'm 23. I paid a lot for this all, that's why I want one of those 3 DS Lites, even the pink one because it almost adds up to what I paid for my saturn with all the games.

Edit: Forgot to mention the KOF 95 expansion card, and the 4MB expansion card are included, but not shown.

(For sentimental reasons, my woman is going back to Japan, and she bought it just for me, so it was like a memento.)

But if someones wants to buy it, leave an offer.
Email me at helgenx AT gmail DOT com.