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Thread: Noob help with colecovision

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    Default Noob help with colecovision

    I got a colecovisoion as an add in to a system I bought and recently when I went to play it the following happened.

    I put any of the 5 carts I have in and all I get is a black screen.

    The RF unit I am using works for my Atari so I think that is good. The A/V cable I bought from the power cord did come with the system. After doing a little searching I found this old thread

    Where is says that it could be the power switch.

    I was hoping that someone might have some suggestions or advice esp if they have had a similar problem in the past.

    Also if there is a cleaning guide if someone would link me to it it would be great (I will search again but Colecvision +cleaning did not turn up much).

    Thanks in advance to all.

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    ColecoVision consoles are notorious for failure, so your situation is not surprising. It could be the power switch, but the fact that you are getting only a black screen is not a good sign. Usually if the switch is failing, the system will power up, but will have scrambled graphics. CV consoles are notorious for problems with both the power switch and the power supply (they tend to fail over time), but there may be a problem with the circuit board itself. It could be any number of things, unfortunately.

    For a cleaning guide (and lots of other info on everything ColecoVision), try here:

    If you end up needing a CV repair or new power supply, try here:

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